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Family Game Night started as a way to bring fun and learning into our home with our first child and has turned into a weekly tradition. Board games are such a vital part of child development. Through games, children learn counting, one-to-one correspondence, money sense, teamwork, and healthy competition. The biggest take-away, however, is the family bonding. Games are one of the ways we can all come together and have a great time.

Between sports, after-school activities, and the hundreds of other tasks we tackle each week, Game Night is our chance to have fun together. We take turns picking the games each week, gather around the kitchen table or grab a spot on the couch, and let the fun ensue. What started as a once and a while activity has turned into a tradition we all look forward to. It is our chance to let loose, have some friendly banter, and laugh until our stomach’s hurt.

Game Night doesn’t stop there. My husband and I perfected the art of at-home date night with games as well. It started as a way to save money because let’s face it, babysitters are expensive. Sometimes we put the kids to bed and have a night of just the two of us and sometimes it turns into inviting our friends and having a blast.

Here are some of the latest games we have been playing:

Hedbanz Hedbanz Blast Off!
In this fun game of “Who Am I?” each team picks a player to be the first Guesser and gives them a Blastoff Timer Headband to wear. A picture card is inserted without the wearer looking (so that “Everyone knows but you!”), then you turn the timer knob, and start asking questions! Your team can only give one-word answers or make sounds. If you guess the card on your head before time expires, insert a new card and reset the timer. But if you’re too slow, the card with BLAST OFF, flying off your headband – making you start over with a new card! This game was a hit at a field hockey party!


Jumanji Jumanji Deluxe
Keep your life tokens and make it through the jungle by solving riddles and rolling the correct dice. What we loved about this game was the electronic circle in the middle that gave us the riddles and added to the fun to make it as close to the original movie as possible. My kids might have been rooting for me to get sucked in.


Beat the Parents Beat the Parents
It’s kids versus parents in this trivia and challenge themed game. Our favorite part of this is the wager each team writes down. Will the kids earn extra video game time or will they get stuck cleaning bathrooms? Kid-friendly trivia is always a hit in our house and with the stakes being high thanks to these wagers, the competition is real!


Harry Potter Game Harry Potter Catch the Golden Snitch
Harry Potter fans will love this face paced game of passing cards and building sets to earn points. You can even throw a bludger at someone!) Just be careful when the Golden Snitch flies out of the box and try to be the one to catch it!


Netflix Game Netflix Trending Now
This one is an adult party game — so we haven’t used it for family game night — but it is worth a mention here because we love it. You try to create the best show to match the situation by combining Netflix Original Content Cards with hilarious plot twists. Let the judge decide and get ready to laugh and create some fun with friends!

Check out these games and more of the amazing family game night offerings from Spin Master Games.

These games were given to me in exchange for an honest review of these Spin Master Games through Tryazon. Although the games were provided, all opinions are my own.


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