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Having spent a majority of the past year-plus at home with our kids, many of us are looking for toys our kids will have fun with while also learning skills and burning off energy. You know the ones—toys that last and don’t get forgotten about after a few weeks. (Bonus points if they aren’t eyesores or take up a ton of room.) That’s why we’re excited to share details of a new toy, the Swingly Doorway Playhouse, a space-saving playhouse that fits within a doorway. It turns your door frame into a creative play space—while taking up minimal space. We spoke to creator Melissa Moran, who is a mom of two launching her Kickstarter campaign this summer (details below on how to be the first to get this game-changer!).

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a proud firefighter wife and been married to my husband Tom for 10 years.  We have 2 amazing little humans and we live in South Florida.  I have worked in marketing, developing new products (from single use disposables to small kitchen appliances) for over 15 years. I love volunteering and serving my community and currently a Girl Scout troop leader for an amazing group of Brownies and Daisies!

Can you share a bit more about the Swingly Doorway Playhouse and how it’s different from other playsets?
Traditional playhouses and tents are often bulky and take up a lot of room. With the Swingly Doorway Playhouse you can use any doorway in the home to transform it into a creative play space that kids that will love without cluttering up the house.

How did it come about? What was the “aha” moment?
I am a big believer in letting the kids explore and develop through creative play and have seen those benefits first hand with my kids.  I – like any mom during the pandemic wanted to create a creative play space for my kids, but the solutions were either too bulky or just too off putting to put in my home!  I created Swingly to help parents like myself create imaginative play spaces that will inspire creative play and fit within the beauty of our home.

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Why is this the perfect moment to launch?
There is no denying that the pandemic has changed the way we look at life and the home has been the sanctuary and hub of life where we are doing everything in.  With all the new demands for activities in the home and have caused us to rethink our spaces and how organize and manage this new way of life.  And as a busy working mom of 2, I know how overwhelming things can become, so we are trying to make it easy for mom to create creative play spaces without adding the additional work of cleaning up or setting up.

What is the ideal household for this?
The Swingly Doorway Playhouse will be perfect for any kiddies 3 and up.  It’s perfect for families living in smaller spaces or any family that just wants to organize a designated space for the kids to play.

How can people order it? Can you tell us a bit about your Kickstarter campaign?
We are tentatively hoping to launch our Kickstarter campaign later this summer and deliver the product in time for the holidays.  Right now, we are taking early reservations to lock in our best discount!  Joining our Swingly VIP team will get moms these special perks:

  • access to the our BEST launch discount – 45% off MSRP (you pay $69)
  • Super early access to our Kickstarter launch
  • Invitation to our Facebook Swingly VIP group
  • Chance to win a Doorway Playhouse when we launch plus some other free goodies!
A $1 reservation is required for this perk.  All proceeds from the $1 reservation will be donated to a charity.  The charity will be chosen by the members of our Swingly VIP group!

Can’t wait! Anything else you’d like to share?
We are so humbled by all the wonderful support we have received for our Doorway Playhouses.  As an entrepreneur, the love of the mom community has been so wonderfully received and look forward to creating a successful Kickstarter campaign and give these magical doorway playhouses a new home!

This story originally appeared on The Local Moms Network.

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