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Imagine slashing cubes as they hurtle toward you using your light sabers while adrenaline pumping music fills your ears. Duck! You need to dodge those walls come toward you!

Picture yourself exploring a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean. Watch the sea life swim by as you dive to the depths of the sea.

Imagine you’re a space pirate defending your platform from wave after wave of droids attacking. You switch between several different weapon choices in one hand and in the other you switch between a shield or energy lasso. Make sure you are dodging the incoming fire from the droids as you grab and throw them with your lasso or take them out with your weapon. 

Imagine a world where your enemies only move when you move. Can you take them all out before they take you out?

XR Studioz, located in Bethlehem, brings the game to life with immersive, state of the art, virtual reality gaming. Offering the best VR technology, a vast collection of games and experiences that continues to grow, the ability to free roam with wireless VR equipment (Laser Tag anyone?), and even a VR driving simulator, XR Studioz is the ultimate gaming experience for any type of gamer.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) uses a headset and controllers to bring to life a 3D simulated world that immerses you inside for the ultimate gaming experience. You play and explore worlds like you are really there. VR brings you into the game for an incredible experience that can use your entire body to play, experience, and interact in a whole new way.

What are some things you can experience at XR Studioz in Bethlehem?
  • Gamercising – Playing games that have you move your body makes working out fun. You can box, dance, duck, dodge, swing, shoot, and more to burn calories while playing games. You can experience HiiT, Yoga, Cardio, and even Meditation through VR at XR Studioz. Any fitness level can enjoy and see the proven results with VR gamercising.
  • Escape Rooms – XR Studioz has a variety of Escape Room options (Even SOLO!) to solve mysteries, survive a desert island, clear your name, or prevent a nuclear disaster. Plus so many more!
  • Free Roam VR – Untether from the computer and experience VR with wireless capability for games like Laser Tag or Dead Ahead, where you are trying to fight off the dead in an apocalyptical world.

The best part of XR Studioz  is that new technologies, games, and ideas are brought in consistently. XR Studioz had something for everyone in my family. I was addicted to Beat Saber because I like those mind numbing games with a good soundtrack. My husband really got into the shooter games, and as the gamer of the family, couldn’t get enough of the fun. My kids both had a blast with Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, and Shooty Fruity. Shooty Fruity, by the way, is set in a grocery store where you are a clerk just trying to scan some groceries. Then mutant fruit begin to attack and you have to defend yourself and the store.

Ready for more?

XR Studioz is bringing in E-Sports, STEM After School Programs, and offers parties and corporate team building events.

As a STEM educator, I fell in love with the STEM program XR Studioz  offers to students in the Lehigh Valley. Students will get hands on experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in their hands-on lab, will have the chance to experience VR STEM content, and will have active play opportunities in the VR gym. This program is designed to get kids thinking, moving, and problem-solving all while having fun.

Seriously, my family and I had a blast playing at XR Studioz. It is our new favorite indoor activity in the Lehigh Valley. I’m excited to start gamercising with a group of friends and my husband and kids can’t stop talking about going back. We have a babysitter lined up for a VR date night and my daughter is excited to start the After School Program with some friends this year. If you haven’t been there yet, try it out. Even if you aren’t a gamer (I totally am not!) you will find something addictive in this incredible immersive virtual playground.

Thanks XR Studioz for hosting us! We had so much fun and we will see you soon!

Lehigh Valley Moms was provided a complementary experience. All reviews and opinions are my own.

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